Better Way to Wrap this Valentine's Day

Give a pretty affordable package an unexpectedly luxe touch.

1. Choose a rich chocolate-brown roll (from Paper Source) as the base
2. Add muted accents of the classics—red, pink, and orange—with run-of-the-mill tissue paper
3. Arrange in folded bands around the boxes
4. Use a beautiful silk ribbon (instead of bows)
5. The finishing touch: a scalloped card addressed to your love.

Here is my Valentine's Day packaging for my daughter's teacher. I made some home made chocolate fudge. Tired of the bows, I used supplies that I had at home, a gold tin from a dollar store, brown paper and a bag of buttons. Pulled out the gun. Later decided, to get rid of the brown paper and simply apply the buttons directly on to the tin. We figured the tin would be a pretty gift for her teacher to keep. ... And voila.  

Forgot to take a picture of the final product ... but took one while I was working!
I did clean up the glue.

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