St.Lucian Esther Lee Leach @ The GAP

So I was skimming through my Instagram feed, saw this and thought 
"WOW, GAP is making a comeback with this look!
I would so do it!"

I scroll further along my feed and noticed St.Lucian Esther Lee Leach's photoshoot at a GAP flagship store in San Francisco.


During a trip home to St.Lucia, I became a fan of Esther's television show Access Caribbean. 

Esther Lee Leach is a Writer, Stylist, Blogger and Producer from the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia who now lives in San Francisco after stints in New York and London. She holds a Masters of Arts degree in Fashion Journalism from the London College of Fashion and has experience as a journalist, creative director, fashion editor, television host, model and film/television producer. 

Formerly the Senior Fashion Editor of SHE Caribbean Magazine, Esther worked as a writer and stylist for the publication, covering fashion, lifestyle and entertainment in the Caribbean and the UK. Her writing experience includes fashion features, entertainment, lifestyle, culture, travel and relationships. Her styling work includes magazine covers, fashion spreads and music videos. 

In 2000, Esther formed Lee Productions Inc, a television production company with her sister Davina. She produced and hosted two television series, 'Vibe Central', a teen targeted magazine style show and 'Access Caribbean', a travel and tourism show. She has also produced several music videos and a documentary with Lee Productions. Esther was also a producer and publicist on the short movie 'The Coming of Org' directed by Davina Lee. The movie was accepted into the SFC at the Cannes Film Festival in 2012. 

Esther continues to work as a Producer with Lee Productions Inc and as a freelance writer, stylist and blogger. She lives in the Pacific Heights area of San Francisco with her husband Richard Leach and imaginary mini french bull dog, Winston Churchill.

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