The Scent of A Woman - Valentine's Day Picks

...and I love to wear oil scents with cherry blossoms, violet and ginger.

Ever wonder what your favorite celebrity would smell like? Just imagine Rihanna breezing on by. Recently I wore a perfume I had not worn in ages and it evoked such great memories. Just like, J'Adore will always remind me of Trinidad. I packed it for one of my carnival trips to the island ... day and night, I wore it.

Sporty, tomboy, high energy and not afraid of a little competition, always up for a good game, I like scents that can't be pegged down to one gender immediately. I prefer scents that are unisex. Unisex scents are my summer  daytime scents. Yet I like scents that have a woman's edge. During a night out, or the colder months, I allow my feminine side to shine through with light, fruity and floral fragrances. My perfume is suppose to leave a mark, burn a hole in your being.  HAHA. I have managed to leave my mark on some. LOL!

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