Today's WORKOUT Music .. and it's not SOCA!

Listening to the right music while you exercise can take your fitness to a whole other level, enhances your performance and helps you get maximum results. While listening to your favorite song may give you a boost ordinary music is not built for fitness.

I suggest Motion Traxx for creating a playlist of the most motivating workout music in the world. You can choose your workout mix by your exercise, music style, premium mixes and preferred beats per minute. Beats per Minute is a measure of time that indicates the tempo of the music. 120 and above beats per minute is a great rhythm to bring your heart rate up and keep it there.

By the way, the Bee Gees song 'Stayin' Alive' from Saturday Night Fever, heart specialists have come up with one good reason to remember it: It could save someone's life. Turns out the hit is very close to 100 beats per minute, a perfect number to maintain the best rhythm for performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR, when faced with a person suffering a cardiac arrest. Just keep that beat in mind if you ever have to save a life!

I workout best with Dance Music, and a little SOCA here and there when doing Cardio. Yesterday, 'Too Real' by Kerwin Du Bois was on replay! TODAY, this was my music zone!

We be the illest. We be the illest in here. I know you feel us ... 

I'm just like you, you don't need to hide
I'm just like you 
Yes, oh my God! 
I'm just like you, you don't need to hide
I'm just like you
Look at this, I'm a coward too.
You don't need to hide, my friend, for I'm just like you

Tsunami, drop! Drop, nami na nami na nami na nami ... 

I could watch you for a lifetime 
You're my favourite movie 
A thousand endings 
You mean everything to me
I never know what's comin' 
Forever fascinated 
Hope you don't stop runnin' to me 
'Cause I'll always be waitin' 
You are a cinema 
I could watch you forever 
Action, thriller 
I could watch you forever 
You are a cinema 
A Hollywood treasure 
Love you just the way you are 
A cinema, my cinema 
A cinema, a cinema, a cinema, a cinema

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