LUXURY: Giuseppe Zanotti Design

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There is an unmistakable hand of a man who put his DJ headphones behind him and gave himself up to creating items that are among the most desired by women, SHOES!

Italian shoe designer, Giuseppe Zanotti tells how he's inspired to design his luxurious shoes for jet set famous people who choose his footwear to tread the most important red carpets, to complement their looks in movies or video clips or the most prestigious public events.

Guiseppe Zanotti, in the 1980s, starts his career as a fashion designer, treasuring the time-honored and deep rooted shoemaking tradition of his native town, San Mauro Pascoli. In the mid 1990s, eager to fully express his talent, starts Vicini. Together with his wife, Cinzia, he takes over a company that can manufacture the shoes of his dreams.

Vicini has become a company of international renown and an absolutely outstanding player in the luxury shoes sector in just over a decade. With Giuseppe Zanotti Design, Vicini, and Tapeet Lines, and Roberto Cavalli, Ferre for men and women, BlueMarine licenses, the portfolio is large and well diversified.

Shop the Spring 2008 Collection

Giuseppe Zanotti Patent Wedge Slingbacks $550

Giuseppe Zanotti Metallic Strappy Sandals $595

Giuseppe Zanotti's shoes for less.

Giuseppe Zanotti gold rhinestone strappy slides $197.99

Giuseppe Zanotti wine suede jewel chain sandals $219.99

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