What A Small World: Janelle Joseph

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This (St.) Lucian gal, Janelle has three Japanese house mates. Her house mates have a band, called NAKADASHI (中出し ). NAKADASHI plays electronic/yellow black music, music ranging from jam session style to Japanese music, with a mix of electronic, house, soul, funk, jazz, fusion, blues, rock and pop.

The lead singer of NAKADASHI (中出し ) heard their (St.) Lucian friend singing some Rihanna song and figured she could sing! Her house mates had her perform one original song called, 'Feeling of Love' with them a few times last year. They have all recently started to learn another song, 'Melissa'.

The 3 Japanese members of NAKADASHI (中出し ) like the Caribbean vibe and needed to be affliated with a university to enter the following competition. Thankfully Janelle teaches at a university, so she was able to help them out.

Janelle Joseph is a St.Lucian teaching English at Eafit University. She is part of an exchange program between the University of the West Indies-Mona campus and an organisation called ICETEX in Colombia.

"There are other islanders from Barbados and Jamaica but I'm the only (St.) Lucian and the only one in Medellin!" she admits gushingly.

Janelle Joseph and I were in the same "Languages - French & Spanish" O'Levels class during our last two years in high school. Her undergraduate degree minor was in Spanish and she achieved first class honors too. Unlike me, who may say a few common phrases here and there, like "Ava-Sol es mala! or En la boca, NO! or Je parle français un peu!", Janelle today still improves and practices her Spanish. Hence the reason, she lives in Medellin, Colombia.

Janelle has been there since late August 2007 and her contract ends May 31 2008. "So time is almost up but I'm considering staying until the end of the year" she states.


  1. Hey Nyree! Thanks for the write up...me siento estrella! Pass the dic! (remember that was Melissa Inglis' line in response to Paula's big words) Good times man!

  2. Nyree, by now she should be able to speak a little Japanese right, with her three japanese, male friends, hehehe..... So Janelle post us something in Japanese ...hehe(Melissa was in L I thought she was in S...hmmmmm)