Siham Sana' - Bellydance Performer & Instructor

Every year in St.Lucia, Siham Sana' entertains family and friends on Christmas day at her parents' christmas party. This bellydance performance is the most anticipated event during the holiday season.

At least, among my family friends and I who sound a little like this,

"Her performance is at 4PM!"
"So we need to leave now if we're going to get there in time!"

We still have a 20 minute drive up north, and we're freshening up ... trying to figure out the outfits that will take as well into the night!"

Siham Sana's Caribbean Christmas performance

Siham Sana's dad, Gene Lawrence is a self taught musician who plays guitar, quatro, banjo, piano, and steel pan. He has many CD's of his own, and performed throughout the Caribbean. He recently won an award from the 2008 St.Lucia Music Awards for best country single, a single he wrote with his daughter, Siham Sana' in mind.

"My name "Siham" was given to me by a Master instructor that I worked with and I am still working with. Her name is Jihan Jamal. She is highly respected in Middle Eastern dance, and she named me Siham, which means cupid's arrow, because of the way I dance. I added Sana' onto the end, because most of my Oriental dance idols go by two names. Sana' means Radiant", explains Siham Sana'.

Siham Sana' is a fusion bellydancer for seven years. Siham Sana' fuses bellydance with non-tradional music at times, or uses traditional music and fuses other types of movements e.g. African into her bellydance. However, Siham Sana's style is mainly Egyptian Folkloric bellydance.

Siham Sana' also really loves any sword dancing, saidi, and dombek drums.

Siham Sana' teaches beginners bellydance, focusing on the fundemental movements that one must learn. Students will become more aware of their bodies and their strengths and flexibility will improve over time. Bellydance is very empowering for women.

Presently, Siham Sana' is shadowing her mentor with her mentor's beginner bellydance classes; warming up the girls, stretching them out, and dancing a bit with them. Siham Sana' is also teaching two students privatlely in their home. She does not fail to mention, "Please note, their home has mirrors that are needed for this."

As students become more advanced Siham Sana' will be teach students how to use various props, like zills (finger cymbols), and veil, etc... The more advanced students become, the more props they can learn to use with success.

Siham Sana's workshop in St.Lucia has been postponed until August when she returns to St.Lucia to live. Reason being, the studio where her workshop will be held, does not have its mirrors up as yet which is very important for her. Siham Sana's uses mirrors during instruction to explain the movements more easily, and to make sure that she can see everyone so she can help them where needed.

With her relocation to St.Lucia in August, Siham Sana' hopes to teach beginners bellydance twice a week, and maybe out of one of the hotels as well. Siham Sana' is hoping to be part of a hotel's evening entertainment.

Siham Sana' has a promotional DVD, not for sale, only to be given to people who want to hire her. Siham Sana' is available to be hired for birthday parties, corporate events, charity shows, baby and bridal showers, and private parties, however, she will not do bachelor parties.

To receive this promotional DVD, contact Siham Sana' directly through her website which she says, "... is still under construction, so there is a lot to do still."


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