Black Camelot: Michelle Obama's Style

Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, are the contemporary version of Camelot: Barack with his ability to connect with younger generations and inspire hope; Michelle with her formidable intelligence and graceful, sophisticated style. Michelle Obama is most often compared to Jacqueline Kennedy, a fashion icon of a First Lady. Michelle O. is the black Jackie O.

Below are Styles shared by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and & Michelle Obama:

Both Jackie and Michelle enjoy pairing a suit with broad lapels with a very attractive husband.

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Jackie Kennedy's iconic pink Chanel suit

Both Jackie and Michelle enjoy holding small children while clad in tailored yellow suits.

Both Jackie and Michelle in solid colored shift dresses.

Click here for more pictures: Michelle O Meets Jackie O.


  1. I was just admiring Michelle Obama today. You know, how she stands BESIDES a great Black man. And that Purple dress she wore after Obama won the nomination just can't get outta my head. And I love her PDA towards him as well!!!

    That Pink Chanel is really cute! How'd ya know it was Chanel??? Loving the comparisons, and you know the amusing part is that Michelle doesn't even realises the trend???

  2. those comparisons are dead on! wow! i sure would love to see her and the girls do a Gap ad lol ;)

  3. The very first time I saw Michelle on TV I noticed the resemblance in not only the style but in their facial features too. They both share a similar facial bone structure and also resemble closely in the mouth area.
    I wonder if the similarities in attire is intentional. It might be some form of subliminal messaging. U never know with politics - it's all about strategising. If it is though, it's a really smart move cause it's working! U go girl!!!

    Oh and to answer Nicky - a vintage Chanel suit has a distinguishing cut (knee-length skirt paired with a trim, boxy jacket) and that, coupled with the fabric and accessories- traditionally woven wool with black trim and gold buttons - makes it hard to miss. I mean - u know it when u see it!

    Newayz - I really hope Obama wins - love what he stands for and love the idea of a black US President (it's just like 24!)

    Ny - see u next month!

  4. The Pink Chanel that Jackie O is wearing was the suit that she wore when JFK was shot. It got covered in his blood but she refused to take it off until 15 hours after the shooting when she was back at the White House. She was still wearing it on the plane to the White House when Johnson was sworn in. They tried to make her change but she said "Let them see what they did to my Jack." So maybe that wasn't the best picture for comparison.