St.Lucia Carnival 2008: Cozy Guzzlers

Cozy Guzzlers has come a long way from the t-shirt and sailor hat band that I remember as a child. The following are their 2008 costumes.



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China - Male

China - Female


Anthony Antone Modeste 1-758-485-3670 or 1-758-453-1755 or 1-758-457-4636
Hilary Roache 1-758-716-0698 or 1-758-452-3932


  1. Ugh people people people it's 2008, get with the program, SKETCHES DON'T CUT IT anymore, the use of sketches as opposed to models, even mannequins in actual costume is prehistoric. I think sketches are most often a misrepresentation of the actual product as there are certain details that you can't exactly capture in a sketch. As far as this portrayal goes I don't remember the costumes looking like the sketches when Cozy took to the stage at the carnival launch last weekend. The actual products actually looked a mess in my opinion. If they really looked like the sketches do they'd have a really impressive portrayal on their hands. I for 1 had no issue with their sailor mass actually, it was a recipe that worked for them, everyone looked forward to seeing them on the road & they sure were having a blast, looked like they were having more of a time than the "jenesse" if you ask me. Sometimes simpler is better, maybe Shane should have given this portrayal to XS instead of that ... (I'm at a lose for words) ... games we play jump off.