Images of the Impact of Hurricane Omar on Soufriere, St.Lucia

Living in Vermont, I am oblivious to weather in the Caribbean. I was aware of the weeks of constant rain since just about every one on the island either mentioned it in MSN screen names, Facebook status updates and the numerous flood pictures that were being emailed but I had no clue there was a Hurricane Omar.

Tonight, I got an email. Click here to view the "Images of the Impact of Hurricane Omar on Soufriere, St.Lucia, on 16 October 2008‏." Photos by Kai Wulf - Manager, Soufriere Marine Management Association
History of Soufriere:
Soufrière is a town on the Southwest coast of Saint Lucia in the West Indies. Soufrière was the former capital of Saint Lucia during times of French rule. It is now a small sleepy fishing port with an emerging tourism industry. It boasts several attractions including a "drive-in" volcano, the Diamond Botanical Gardens with waterfall (briefly featured in the Superman II movie) and historic mineral baths, plus the nearby black sand beaches of Anse Chastanet to the north and Malgretout to the south.
Napoleon's Empress Josephine de Beauharnais spent much of her childhood in the town on her father's plantation.
Framing the town to the south are the picturesque Pitons - comprising the Gros Piton and Petit Piton. They rise directly up from the coral reef beds and form part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The region is popular for snorkeling and scuba diving.
Soufrière doubled as the fictional town Port Agnes, capital of the equally fictional island of Cascara in the 1985 comedy movie Water (Michael Caine). The movie Creature was also filmed there. (Wikipedia)

Saint Lucia 2008 Disaster Diary:
* 70 years - Ravine Poisson Landslide - 100 dead [21/22, November 1938]
* 60 years - Castries Fire - 2,000 homeless [19/20, June 1948]
* 35 years - Plane Crash at Mount Gimie - 3 dead [29 October, 1973]
* 5 years - Tropical Wave [7 July,2003][EC$3.07 million estimated damage]
* 1 year - 7.3 Earthquake [29 November, 2007]

St.Lucia National Emergency Management Office (NEMO) is responsible for disaster preparedness and disaster response co-ordination. Join SLU NEMO Yahoo Group, a distribution list (not a chat group) for a constant update on the news of the Saint Lucia National Emergency Management Organisation.
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