ThanksGiving Dinner

Not only is this the season to dress but it's the season to eat! Yummy. Thanksgiving is by far my favorite American holiday. For the past 7 years, I host 5 course Thanksgiving dinners which is the number 1 tradition in my house! I laugh, "Christmas, I do not put up a decoration or cook a meal, I just return home and let my mom handle it!" LOL!

So maybe this year, you could have Thanksgiving Dinner at your house. Even if you are not the best cook or probably overwhelmed by a 5 course spread, the following websites are perfect for planning a menu and finding fantastic recipes. is by far my favorite recipe website. I love that ordinary individuals (like you and I) can rate and review the recipes. So my general rule is to choose recipes that have the most stars (at least 5) and numerous reviews. Also the reviews are helpful because individuals who have tried the recipe will suggest other alternatives (healthier, substitutions) to the recipes.

More recipe websites ..., I use the recipes from the Celebrity Chefs from the Food Network. I like all the Food Network chefs, but my favorites are Paula Deen & Emeril Lagasse. In the past I have used recipes recipes from the Martha Stewart Show but was greatly disappointed! Another benefit of using the is the availability of recipes from celebrity chef restaurant menus.  Fortunately, I ate at a Bobby Flay restaurant in the Bahamas and later found the recipes for the food (and even the drinks) from the restaurant's menu at


Yes, I baked the dessert and the turkey!
Have fun!

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