Spring Jackets Under $50

Delvz left a message in the chat box, asking me to do a post on cute affordable Spring Jackets. All the jackets I picked below are under $50. My favorites are on Page 1.

I'm a big fan of jackets. I love their structure! ... And there's something sexy and comfortable about stripping them off to reveal the layers below! Jackets simply add spunk to an already spunky me. I opt to pop the collar, cuff the sleeves, add or remove belts. ... And accessorizing is key (play with scarves or bold jewelry)! A few years ago, I loved to add broaches to my jackets and have quite an eclectic collection that I have not gotten rid of. I wish, I took a picture in my abstract animal short sleeve jacket .... don't be afraid to wear bold prints (like florals, etc). They can make a simple outfit pop this spring!

I have worn quite a few within the last two weeks and here are some pictures below.

... And I dug up some oldie pics!

Spring Jackets Under $50

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