Dancehall Fusion Choreography "St. Lucian Girl" - Hanna Herbertson

Hanna Herbertson (BlackGold) was born in South Korea, at the tender age of ten months she was adopted to Sweden. Hanna grew up on an island in the Baltic sea called Gotland, it was there she discovered her passion for dance. She has been teaching dance since 1998 and has brought her faiya to places like Kingston (Jamaica), Paris (France), Brussels (Belgium), Boston, San Jose, San Francisco, NJ & LI (USA) to mention a few. When she is not travelling she resides and teaches her weekly classes in New York City. Location: Ripley Grier Studios (520 8th Avenue between 36/37th Street on the 16th Floor).

Choreographer, dancer or teacher – whatever she does, on stage or in front of a class, she wants the audience/the students to feel her faiya (= fire in Patois/Jamaican). As a versitile choreographer/dancer she prefers not to be pigeonholed but her main styles are “Dancehall Fusion” (eclectic mix of Jamaican dancehall, different carribean dances, african, bellydancing and south american dances), hiphop and streetjazz. She is always open for new influences and interested in different cultures.

In the following video, check out Dancehall Fusion Choreography by Hanna Herbertson (BlackGold). The song "St. Lucian Girl" is by St.Lucian artiste, Cherry L.

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  1. Awesome right?! Letting children develop their passion for dancing, singing, acting or etc. really makes them shine. Thanks for sharing this post.