"UH GOSH" according to the song, PARTY HARD from Trinidad Carnival 2010 which is at the center of an unofficial remix drama. In the video below, St.Vincent's, Problem Child who remixed Donaeo's "Party Hard" responds to Donaeo's interview. On February 24, I posted the Party Hard Remix featuring Problem Child and the official video by Donaeo.

Nice of Problem Child to apologize but thanks to him a lot more of us know about Donaeo! Problem Child has made "Party Hard" an ANTHEM for still very sexy ladies (if I am to compare us to the ladies in Donaeo's official "PARTY HARD" video), carnival lovers and a real' party hard - Caribbean crowd who have now taken his song internationally!
Kiss, make up, shake hands ... whatever it is you both need to do,
'cause I am so ready to see the Caribbean video version for this remix!
In the meantime, I'm off to add Problem Child on Facebook & Twitter!


  1. Problem Child was wrong for using the song without permission! On the other hand this song has blown up and I will say that the Soca Remix was the reason even if PC wont say so! IF Doneao and his camp were smart they would ride this pony till it dies! This song was a hit for carnival and could lead to even more exposure for Doneao. IF Doneao is serious about wanting to expand his audience he needs to take this golden opportunity that has fell into his lap! Dollars and Cents Doneao Dollars and Sense!


  2. Wow, this was my absolute favorite song for Trinidad Carnival 2K10. I even tried to look for (at the airport even) the tune to buy (I am not in favor of pirate copies.) It (the remix) gave me a great vibe when it was played on the road, or at a fete, that no other tune did for me. I must admit, I did let myself go with it even if it was not fully Soca, and even if I would not really like this funky house vibes sweeping the Soca scene (as Soca is "always" looking for a hybrid graft, unfortunately, "success" breathes immitation.)

    Sorry about the problem Problem Child (true to your alias, for sure ;) ) I believe the apology is sincere, and the intent of the remix did not seek to rip off Donaeo (but oh gosh man, "Party Animal" too.) There is a view in some quarters in London that Soca is a bastard child, and not worthy of attention at all. For sure Donaeo's Party Hard is a good club tune, but his peeps under-estimated that Problem Child's remix could do anything for them (IMHO, the Remix has more "legs" to last longer, and the mix is tighter.) They need to listen to $hel $hok's (Sheldon Benjamin, sadly he died in 2009) studio masterpieces to understand the Soca vibes ain't no joke.

    Of course, these are only my opinions.