This morning a friend posts the fat comments made by Howard Stern and his side kick, Robin about Gabourey Sidibe, the actress nominated for Precious.

I fired back with a comment, "When are we going to get over that WE'RE NOT ALL THE SAME and will never be? Yet, no matter the color, size, money, sexual preferences, lifestyle and bullshit .... we're each dynamic. So stop with the (BLEEP) close minded and let's follow the sheep mentality. Be the (BLEEP) good shepherd!

I WAS PISSED! What pissed me off also was the hypocrisy, because Robin is now mainstream in size, she seems to forget she was FAT too! ... And Howard is really not a handsome young buck either!

What is the point of bashing another human being who has done nothing to harm or hurt you? What ever happened to "If you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all!"? Up till yesterday afternoon, I told a FB friend that, "I am truly the nerd! THE NERD ... Lucas (Corey Haim), Patrick Dempsey, My Life as Liz ... kind of nerd! Out there, not understood and a real person!" I have always been defender of the underdog, for as long as I have known myself. Almost certain that I identified as a "nerd" and "slightly awkward" myself, at times!

... And minutes after getting annoyed about the Howard Stern comments. I got news and I cannot believe that Corey Haim (LUCAS) was found dead from a drug overdose, earlier this morning. I shed a tear!

Background music in my head "Ironic" by Alanis Morissette, a favorite during my coming of age years! "Life has a funny way of sneaking up on you, life has a funny, funny way of helping you out!"

I am saddened, 'cause as a teen I loved the 1986 movie, LUCAS! I loved Lucas, a socially inept fourteen year old who experiences heartbreak.

Lucas is a promising kid, bright, inquisitive, knowledgeable, industrious, but for a boy aged 14 those qualities don't count for much socially, his daily life in high school is a brave but hopeless struggle against cruel ridicule (nicknamed 'leukoplakia') and abuse on account of his frail figure, 'miniature' size and athletic ineptitude, while any demonstration of precocious erudition is frowned upon by his ignorant, dumber peers and seniors, fortunately with one remarkable exception: the studly football team captain, generally known as Cappie, gallantly protects the 'shrimp' and as soon as he gets to know Lucas appreciates his mind and courage, eager to learn from him. The arrival of an attractive new girl in his school and neighborhood proves a mixed blessing: Maggie becomes his best friend and companion, admiring his many talents, but inevitably she soon falls for Cappie the other way, so now his 'big brother' and protector seems little Lucas's rival, however hard the hunk tries to stay friends. R.I.P. LUCAS

In 1986, I fall in love with another nerd, Ronald, Patrick Dempsey's character in the movie, "Can't Buy Me Love."

Ronald Miller is tired of being a nerd, and makes a deal with one of the most popular girls in school to help him break into the "cool" clic. He offers her a thousand dollars to pretend to be his girlfriend for a month. It succeeds, but he soon learns that the price of popularity may be higher than he expected. Cindy finds herself in a desperate situation when she borrows her mother's $1000 suede dress, without permission, and ruins it. The only person who has the money to replace the dress, without her mother finding out, is Ronald. However, Ronald tells her that the only condition for him giving her the money is if she poses as his girlfriend for a month. As the month passes, she begins to show an interest in Ronald. But he is so consumed with popularity, he is blind to her feelings. In addition, he also begins to join in with his new "friends" in taunting his old friends. Can Ronald find his way before he loses Cindy and everyone he cares about?

Hence my love of the under dog!

Most recently, my favorite outcast is Liz, from MTV's "My Life As Liz."

Liz is the main character of this show. She is an independent, "non-conformist thinker" who is extremely critical of her hometown, Burleson, Texas. Throughout the season she is torn between fitting in, trying to change the world with no power, her girl rivals at school, and trying to gain the romantic attention of her crush, Bryson. Liz is forced to grow up after Bryson tells her he can't go to Prom with her and she calls on her newest friend, Taylor, to help her cope with the pain. After graduation she makes the decision to move away from Burleson to New York and realizes that leaving home isn't as easy as she thought it would be. She compared Burleson to an old couch; it's stained, old, and beat up but it's your couch.

Over the past 2 days, Wendy Williams comes to mind. You just have to watch her relate to ALL types of people daily. I teach and expect my daughter to behave the same. Why be intolerant? By being intolerant, you limit yourself and your life experiences by closing yourself to others! You pigeonhole your entire being!

Which reminds me, earlier this morning, between my pissed off Howard Stern comment and news of Corey Haim's death, one of my Facebook comments was that I was getting so many Japanese friends from this blog, on TWITTER. Totally excited, I teased, "I visit their websites and pages but they're all in Japanese. ... Cool, but I don't understand Japanese!" Despite that, I have opened up myself and my world, and likewise!

... And strangely today, when a guest asked Wendy Williams for some advice, this was her response,
"I don't have tolerance, for NO tolerance!"

Same here!

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  1. P O W E R F U L!!!! Ny this one is one of the best yet!!! This coming from someone who for the past 32 years have been joked and picked on because of her size to the point where I was the girl you see sticking her finger down her throat... so it is freshing to read that someone I consider a friend (which I am happy to shout to the world) is you, understands "US."
    Love and appreciation....