Makeup Mishaps - The OUTSPOKEN Kid on the Block!

I still vividly see her walking the aisles ... sassy, smiling, cafe au lait skin, short curly hair and delved in memory is this one particular B.W.I.A flight attendant's well applied, vibrant eyeshadow.  Her makeup, most reminiscent of today's peacock makeup look, but her color choices were really to match that turquoise uniform they once wore.

In memory but I searched for pictures of that old BWIA uniform!

Fast forward, it's 2010 and I am even more captivated by Trini women and their makeup!

Any Trinidadian carnival masquerader will affirm that makeup is an essential part of any costume, come Carnival Monday and Tuesday. By the time one carnival is over and band registration season begins in July, makeup artists have already begun to fill their calendars, scheduling appointments.

I consider myself a loyal Trinidad reveler, for the last 7 years. Over the last 2 years, I have noticed an increase in makeup artist fan pages popping up on Facebook!  Upon previewing some of the work, I have thought, "Why would someone pay for makeup that looks like that?" Besides, as stated before just the thought of waking up early to get professionally made up, has left me happily doing my makeup myself!

Makeup Mishaps is a newbie Trinidad makeup fanpage, 'causing quite a stir among some local makeup artist fanpages.  Makeup Mishaps is at the center of some hard truths, standing firmly and embroiled in some heated debates because of her usage of the very pictures that she scrutinizes as "MAKEUP MISHAPS," of some of those up and coming, so-called Trinidad makeup artists.

Truthfully, I am a fan of one of the very fan pages that Makeup Mishaps has outed on her fanpage. Simply, I admire the young artist's initiative and tenacity to build her name in the industry. Yet, I appreciate the Makeup Mishaps fanpage because I too agree that the makeup services provided by some artists are awful, scary and rather boring, especially considering that clients are paying. 

Along with Makeup Mishaps' explanations of what makes a particular look a "mishap," depending on your very outlook, you may have to contend with her feisty tone and snarky responses. It's exciting as she vehemently debates. Asking her for this interview, I admitted, "I worry that my personal makeup application would fail by your standards. LOL! Anyway I am a fan nonetheless."

Interview with Makeup Mishaps

Why did you start the Makeup Mishaps fan page?
The fanpage was really a breaking point for me, because I was just tired of seeing the standard drop drastically because someone who had some basic idea about makeup, was now creating looks that were messy and unfinished and calling it makeup.

What are the 5 worst makeup mishaps?
I believe that would be the wrong shade of foundation/powder, messy eyeshadow, bleeding eye or lip pencils, crooked liquid liners and bad contour.  (I have also noted her disdain for badly shaped and messy eyebrows.)

What suggestions do you have for starting makeup artists?
Get educated, being self taught is great, but modern makeup is very technically enhanced and thus requires the users to have more than just a self taught approach when it comes to manipulating makeup.

Who are your top recommended / suggested makeup artists?
Locally (Trinidad & Tobago): Ephraim Hunte and Kirk Thomas are the Top 2. Yvonne Popplewell, Kamla Koon How and Sandra Hordatt.  (Makeup Mishaps is a very qualified makeup artist, trained by the 3 of the same artists, she mentioned as the best.)

What are some of your makeup brands?
Love Covergirl, M.A.C, Urban Decay and Max Factor

What are your makeup essentials for a simple makeup look  and Why?
My purse always has blot sheets, pressed powder, bronzer, lipgloss and mascara, I feel that these things can cheat a fully madeup look when you are in a rush or need a quick fix.

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Trinidad Carnival Diary's "Glitz, Glamour, Fantasy" for contact information.


  1. While I understand the purpose of Makeup Mishaps, I feel as though the creator is unprofessional in her use of copyrighted photographs. Her argument that "this is facebook, planet of copyyright breaches" is null. Just because someone else breaks rules doesn't mean you should be able to follow suit without critique.

    Also, commentary or advice should be objective and informative, not "snarky" as you mention or insulting. Currently the comments are not quite as crude and distasteful as before when the page had a meagre 81 fans but there is still room for improvement.

  2. well I for one appreciate the information given, I dont have to go on and talk about all the self righteous drama ppl wanna make about pics, its bad makeup fullstop. Lets hope the artist step up their game, btw I love Kirk Thomas, now he is damn good, and knows what he is doing.

  3. Well she ent lie with her picks of the professionals. Yvonne, Kirk, Sandra and Ephraim are the best. I'll visit the facebook page to see if I agree with her critique. But too many local make-up artistes have no idea how to pick foundation, which is a crime.