St.Lucia Carnival 2010: LOOSHAN REVELLERS

The 1984 St.Lucia Carnival Queen, Erene Charlemagne has started her own carnival band in 2010, LOOSHAN REVELLERS. The theme is "AN AMERICAN INDIAN ADVENTURE" & expect a special float for the elderly, since quite a few want to participate in the carnival festivities. The Kiddies band will depict "INDIAN TRIBES." Erene is the section leader of BUFFALO HUNTERS.


  1. Girl U baddd band meetings are not on Fridays..that's just the fund raising BBQ..will update u as the weeks go the way persons can ctc the following in the meantime

    Ricky James 7195427 / 2874188
    Erene 2876745 / 7186846
    Rosie Parris 7173615
    Natoya Popo 7191367


  2. I posted the info given. So what exactly is it then?

  3. Band Leader Ricky James
    Designer Earl Parris