The Bar Method

A friend on Facebook today, announced that she would be trying Pilates for the first time tonight! Her friend then responds, "the other secret, it`s called Bar Method. So worth it, you want to kill someone during the class, but 1 hour later you feel like a million dollar woman."

The Bar Method is an exercise program created by Burr Leonard.

The Bar Method is considered a full-body workout that utilizes a ballet barre technique. The Method draws from the principles of isometrics, dance conditioning, interval training, and physical therapy. Small weights, a mat, and other props are used in which students move through sets of exercises - sometimes in ballet postures - to strengthen and then stretch the muscles.

Class pace is fast to increase metabolism and burn fat. Workouts are approximately an hour long and begin with a warm-up, free weights and push-ups before graduating to the ballet bar for leg and seat work. Students finish class on floor mats working the abs and stretching. The series of strengthening and stretching moves are aimed at burning fat - especially in the stomach and hips areas. Using the body's own weight to increase motion and for resistance, stretching is focused on the hips, chest and lower back which additionally improves posture and body alignment. - Wiki

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