Another Way to Look, Another Way to See

It's about 4:50AM and I'm in bed, wondering what could I post this christmas eve that will inspire!  ... And boom, this post "Another Way to Look, Another Way to See" by Mischo Beauty shows up on my newsfeed:

"What is better than a grandmother's wisdom? Not much. My sassy Grand Lady dresses sharp as a tack with a wit to match. I've been a major fan of her personal style and daring approach to life since forever, so I was quite excited to hear what beauty advice she would have for me and was surprised by what she, at first, had to say.

"I have no advice to give," she told me. This was unbelievable from a woman whose public face is always impeccably and minimally made; whose clothes always suit her frame and communicate well her conservative yet saucy personality; and whose well-groomed, curly, silvery-gray pixie is never out of place. She had to have something valuable to say.

She assured me that her lifelong dedication to smoothing on vaseline and wearing socks at night had produced bunion-less and corn-less feet which her podiatrist lauds as the smoothest he's ever seen. How's that for a good selling point? But, she went on, her face is unrecognizable to her now, as she ages and continues to bounce back from a go with chemotherapy due to her second bout with breast cancer over a year ago. Thankfully, since she has always had a healthy lifestyle and been a stickler for regular medical checkups (early detection is one of the best protections, ladies) her cancers were each found at an early stage. Despite it all, she is still one of the most beautiful people I know. She is now building a new relationship with her body and growing used to the changes in her physical and spiritual selves, so when I pressed her and asked what she would tell my niece, her great granddaughter, if she asked for her advice, she stopped and took a moment to think."  Continue here for her grandmother's wonderful advice!
 Photo source: Mischo Beauty


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