Carol's Daughter ... Xmas Coupon Codes

'Tis the season to share and 'tis the season to buy gifts, if I can get a discount even better yet ... that makes me jolly!

So this morning, I stocked up on a few Carol's Daughter products, boy, did I hit the jackpot ...

First off, Carol's Daughter is offering its customers complimentary shipping on orders over $40!  So I got that.

I was still dissatisfied and decided to search for coupon codes like I always do before checking out when online shopping.  Boom, I used coupon code VNSNY and got 15% off my entire order.  ... And I also used coupon code PROMO10OFF50 which takes $10 OFF orders of $50 for a limited time.

3 Promotions, 1 Store ... 
Total Savings $18.35

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