F**K YOU 2010.

OMG ... I can't complain about 2010, other than, a few questionable friendships even at this final hour, the devastation to my island from Hurricane Tomas, a PM's selfishness, and a health scare from my father. I loved 2010.

What ever your thoughts, this post 'FUCK YOU, 2010' by Jezebel, cracked me up. Despite it all, whatever your 'FUCK' moment in 2010, we are still here standing, gearing up and looking forward to 2011. ... And that's the beauty of life (and death)!

"Fuck 2010. This year fucking sucked. This was a terrible, no good, horrible, very bad year. Fuck this year. My fiancĂ© and I broke up. I got audited by the New York State Tax Department and had my fucking wages garnished. I might have to move due to financial bullshit. MY FAVORITE TAMPONS WERE DISCONTINUED. My MacBook keeps crashing. Everything fucking sucks. And it's not just my personal crap: The entire world was in a fucking downcycle this year."  Read more "FUCK YOU 2010"

My friend, Troy just updated his BBM status which will be my mantra for 2011

"Expect less from people and more of self."


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