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"Carnival is the devil!" ... this is how Frenchie (seen here) ended his BBM (BB message) with me. I laughed then, and still do ... 'cause instantly a smile comes to my face, and my eyes glow!

Under a Trinidad Carnival spell, some of us are totally motivated to tone up and shape up. Believe me, it's not easy. It truly takes discipline. It means committing to exercise every day and watching one's diet.

Since the new year started, I cut out alcohol. Can you believe? LOL! When I mention wanting a glass of wine, Risa (seen here) in my Trini Carnival BBM group says, "No, don't do it! Wine has plenty calories. You're better off drinking vodka! Think wine, Carnival Ash Wednesday!" ... And sadly, I don't do vodka! As for bacon, I have not had my usual 3 packs a week, not even one slice since either ... "Oh, how I miss thee!" If I told you I did not usually drink water, you probably wouldn't believe me.  So I'll just say, I've been drinking plenty water!  

My favorite workout since missing the team of instructors from 'ESPN Fitness Pros' (Tracy York, Nancy Popp, Tamilee Webb, Jeff Vandiver, Joel Greco, Donna Richardson and Pepper Von) in my teens is Mari Winsor Pilates.  After an hour of Pilates, I feel relaxed and stretched!

Hmm. Harvey Walden from Celebrity Fit Club has quite the effect on me, as he orders me, "It's mind over matter!" or taunts me, "I would not take you to a bar fight!" In an instant, I push myself a lot harder.  I love Harvey's control over me!  LOL! Unlike Harvey, P90X's Tony Horton's voice actually annoys me when I am doing his program. Tony reminds me of Jim Carrey in the movie, 'The Mask.' Tony is too corny!  I don't do well with corny! While Zumba is left for my lazy days, but make no mistake, I sweat!

Speaking of ESPN Fitness Pros, Donna Richardson is the instructor in BeachBody's Body Gospel. On Monday, on The View, Body Gospel was one of the 'Top At Home Workout Systems' recommended to Sherri Shepard to get in shape before her wedding day, along with P90X and Zumba.

So Trinidad Carnival is my motivation.  What would be your motivation? I often fear, once people see Trinidad Carnival they may hesitate to read the purpose of a particular post that refers to exercise.

There is no need to sign up for a gym membership to get into shape. I don't do gyms. I have been a long time advocate of working out at home. More so, short intervals daily, even two times a day (AM & PM) for 15-20 minutes is adequate. I prefer privacy when I struggle and sweat through with my workouts. I wear my skimpiest shorts and knot my vests to reveal my stomach area. ... And I always grab a full length mirror.

On September 28, 2010, I mentioned "My 2 Favorite Youtube Get In Shape Gals." One of the ladies in that particular post was Zuzana. She works out at home, no exercise equipment, simply using her own body weight to create resistance. Her workouts are short, perfect for those short on time and tired of body fat. The premise is radically pick up the pace and alternate bouts of 20-second maximum-effort exercises with 10-second periods of rest.

Looking at Zuzana's body is enough motivation .... visit,

BODYROCK.tv - The Home Workout Movement

Carnival Photo Source: IZATrini.com


  1. I love Zuzana's workouts. I do them all the time. Her body is amazing.

  2. Love de article Nyree !!!
    We all gym freaks when it comes to carnival lol but well i love it and it's healthy :) When i look around me, for my age, i think i'm not that bad.
    Let's keep it up !! CARNIVAL IS NOW A LIFE STYLE

  3. Love the article!!! Fantastic!! Thanks for de shout out! Love your blog, it's real and informative...and we will look and feel rocking in our costumes!

  4. Nyree, great article...! I love Frenchies comment: Carnival is a lifestyle because this is so true...
    and everyone who raises their eyebrows at revellers should just look away or leave facebook from Nov-March so they wouldn't be over powered with all the song posts and improved body part updates lol.
    Carnival is a positive thing and it brings people together...people that exercise to look amazing in their costume in Trinidad should keep it up throughout the year...not as drastically but just keep in mind that your body is your temple and you should take care of it :-)