My 2 Favorite Youtube Get In Shape Gals ... Boys Be Very Afraid!

It's been 2 nights in a row, I've been watching Youtube videos with each of the ladies below. Both workout at home, no exercise equipment, simply using their own body weight to create resistance ... and just watching them, I can feel the burn! Also their workouts are short, Perfect for those short on time and tired of body fat. The premise is radically pick up the pace and alternate bouts of 20-second maximum-effort exercises with 10-second periods of rest.

Bex has me already doing Fire Hydrant Kickback Combos & Mountain Climber Twists!

Sexy Core - Fat Burn - Home Workout : 6 Minute Yoga Infused Rounds
WORKOUT DETAILS: Repeat this entire sequence 3x for a total core workout. Rest 1 minute in between each round. The entire workout should take about 20 minutes.

Zuzana, on the other hand has all types of tricks!  Gosh.

Fitness - Sexy Psycho Workout

Enjoy ... I already see myself, trying to keep up tomorrow!

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