D'Original Vale Breakfast Party ... Let's Reminisce Video & Pics

Oye ... I am trying really hard not to think too much of Trinidad carnival. I'll be there next week but I am really getting teased. TriniJungleJuice asked, "Who's ready for the #1 Breakfast Party in the Wurrrrrrrldddd??!! Let's reminisce..." 

Let me not SHOUT TOO LOUD .... "I AM!"

There's something about waking up to go to a 4AM fete. Pure darkness and niceness. By the time the sun rises and the Vale liquor runs through the veins ... the Vale crowd is just trouble.  Pure wildness and madness (water, cages and all) till midday. Even my brother who is not a soca lover got turned out by D'Original Vale Breakfast Party a couple of years ago!  That was a sight to behold. LOL! BTW it's probably the hardest fete to get tickets for. Anyway let's really reminisce ...

 Watch TJJ video segments of  D'Original Vale Breakfast Party 2011:
Seg #1
Seg #2 
Seg #3
Seg #4 

My Diamond Vale 2011 Pictures

A few of my friends D'Valin' it up! LOL!

... And I had to go search for pics of my brother from 2010

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