The View: Bank on The View - Love and Money

Recently, I saw this segment on The View, "Bank on The View - Love and Money!"  The advice from Carmen Wong Ulrich, Good Housekeeping's money advice columnist is valuable to ladies (and gents) about money in relationships!

Remember my past Sweet 7 post, "Pet Peeve - A Cheap Person"?  It got one of the most reactions to any Sweet 7 post ever. Well this money segment may give you a clearer understanding of my pet peeve, particularly a cheap man in a relationship! You know the 'split the bill' types ... utter nonsense, if you ask me! So basically this segment confirmed my belief, watch the 'spending behavior of a man' ... 'cause actions speak louder than words!

Next month, is my 11th year wedding anniversary. 'Though a pre-nup was never part of the conversation when we got married, I always swore if a man asked me to sign a pre-nup, I'd tell him "we ain't doing this!" ... marriage that is!  LOL! I've always been anti-pre-nup!  Anyway this segment, finally made me say, "GET THE DAMN PRE-NUP! SIGN IT FAST"  LOL!

Ohh ... I love The View co-host, Whoopi Goldberg. She's in one of my favorite movies, "The Color Purple," the other is "Titanic".  Anyway I love Whoopi because she and I share the same birthdate so  no doubt, I know we are on the same astrological wave length. I trust her constant "Mmm hhmmmms!"  I know she's talking from experience ... been there, done that!  LOL!

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