New York Fashion Week VS Trinidad Carnival Packing Lists

One fashion blogger posted this picture with the caption "Packing up just a few of my NYFW (New York Fashion Week) essentials: double stick tape, eye makeup remover pads, Salonpas, blister treatment + anti friction stick, mini lint roller, and aquaphor. So glamorous." 

I thought it amusing 'cause it looks like items worth packing for Trinidad Carnival. LOL! Someone even commented, "Throw in a Blowfish (for hangovers) and some alka-seltzer, altoids and you're RTW."

For a Trinidad Carnival packing list refresher course, read Trinidad Carnival Diary's "The Trini Carnival ULTIMATE Packing List."  ... The NYFW ladies have nothing on us!  LMAO.
Source: Cupcakes & Cashmere

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