iAMLucian Tees

Saint Lucia celebrates its 33rd Independence on February 22nd, 2012, so the iAMLucian website has released its 'I-AM-LUCIAN' EC$30 (US$10) tee shirt line. The line includes tees for adults and kids alike, as well as the popular baby tees which are now available. 

The line was conceptualized by Shane 'Swagga Shane' Larcher of 'I-AM-LUCIAN' and designed by THE CONCEPT FACTORY. 

The tee's design includes the coordinates of St Lucia, '14 degrees North & 61 degrees West'. The 758 area code of St.Lucia and a percentage sign, represents the '758%' pride to be St.Lucian and not just 100%. '1979' was the year in which St.Lucia got its independence. In a smaller print is a pledge written by the late St.Lucian Calypsonian, Jeff "Mighty Pelay" Elva. 

"The intention of this line is to really start a hip, fresh, exciting feeling and buzz among Saint Lucians" says Shane Larcher. 

To order, CONTACT: 
Castries, St Lucia
E-Mail: iamlucian758@gmail.com
Telephone 1.758.715.4116 
Twitter: @iamlucian758 
Facebook: /iamlucian 

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