My Trip to Miami - Mother's Day Weekend

MIAMI was home away from my birth home, St.Lucia. Apart from spending just about every school vacation in Miami while growing up, it later became the city where I went to college which broadened my social horizons. Not only did it allow me to interact with Caribbean people, but I befriended other groups, nationalities and ethnicities, than I would have had I remained in St.Lucia.

Today, many of those college friends are still a part of my life. Not connected because of some family blood relation, or family-friend connection or because of a surname. What I offered them was simple, a first name and a smile, always guided by wise words taught to me by my father, "Manners maketh man!" Basically, his advice was "be friendly with anyone as long as they were mannerly."

Imagine being 18 years old, and living on your own in Miami. That was me, until my brother joined me a year later. Miami was my play ground and  that meant my introduction to adulthood and responsibility.

Thanks to Miami, my budding love affair with Trinidadians took full bloom. No longer, were they just the bigger island people, on a BWIA flight. 'Cause now, my closest college friend a Trinidadian-Indian and her family soon very much became my own. She was also the one who introduced me to Trinidad Carnival in 2004, many years after leaving college. Never in her or my wildest dreams then, did we ever fathom how attached I would be to carnival(s). 

Speaking of love, I got my heart crushed a few times in Miami, but it's also the birthplace of my Hispanic husband. And no, I was not at some salsa club, attempting to salsa ... he found me at a Jamaican fete, "Don't get it twisted!" I always tell my daughter. LOL! ... Oh, and speaking of Jamaicans, it was also here, despite having a Jamaican grandfather and a father and uncle who went to Kingston College (KC) that a young Jamaican attempting to flirt told me, "Where you from?"  "St.Lucia!" ... "Ohh, you're from a lil speck!" Lemme tell you, I don't think I ever gave Jamaicans a fair chance after that again!  (Awkward LOL!)

Nowadays, Miami is just a mere land and take off. The only city by air that I land mark roads, highways, old neighborhoods, see my old university campus, the beaches, even stores ... LOL! Don't even talk about Miami International Airport, I used to feel at home there. LOL!  It was another story on this recent trip with all the changes ... but hey, in time, I'll know it as well again! My last visit to Miami was for Carnival in October 2010. I missed 2011, cause I was pregnant.  

So recently, when my Miami college friend asked me to join her for a family celebration, last Saturday night, I returned to Miami without hesitation, to celebrate with my college friend and to catch up with my in-laws too. Amused by the passing of time ...

My daughter rang my friend's doorbell, something I once did quite frequently. Now I stood out front with my pack, my husband and TWO children. LOL! ... And then, as the evening progressed, we met younger siblings and cousins who are now grown-young adults, their possible long term additions - the boyfriends, even those who passed all tests - the spouses and the newest arrivals - the newborn babies. Just seeing my friend's mom hold my newborn, like he were her own was endearing too! ... And one thing's for certain, we've all grown up.  Let's just say gotten OLD(ER)!

Three years shy, almost 30 years ago, I first stepped foot in Miami.  Even hearing 30 years ago is so hard to fathom. Where has the time gone?

Miami will forever remain home away from home (St.Lucia), away from home (Virginia), away from home (Vermont)! Ohhh, how I sat there, yearning to once again be in some familiar place with friends (FAMILY even if not blood related). Certainly, Virginia has not anchored my heart. I am ready to set sail. Yep ... I'll be back for Miami Carnival in October but in time, MIAMI will be HOME again! 

See my MIAMI Mother's Day Weekend pictures ... 

MIAMI International Airport ... on train to the car rental

City of Miami

HA ... the same packed bag from my packing light tutorial. 

Definitely, the paper to read for all South Florida-Caribbean info

My first meal once landed must be curry goat
Don't mind how it looks ... what matters is how it tastes!
Sango's Jamaican & Chinese restaurant

Next on the agenda, I must order a dozen patties to carry back home with from Sonia's PattiesSh*t ... I forgot them in my in-laws freezer. Choops.

Aww ... a Caribbean restaurant fridge in Miami is usually filled with these drinks.
See anything familiar?

Now it's no secret I eat ... I love food.
A steak and cheese from Hungry Bear Sub Shop

An old picture find ... my daughter's once curly hair!

Love this nail polish duo bottle pen idea.
Anyway who knew there was gel nail polish remover? Worked like a charm!  

Mother's Day Flowers for a few Miami mothers ... my friend's mom, my mother and sister - in law.

No party if I'm there is complete without TEQUILA! 
Hey ... I don't need lime or salt!

Homeward bound ... thank heaven I woke up after a night of drinking.
Heading to the airport to meet my parents in Virginia ... and to wish my mom a Happy Mother's Day!

HOME ... Dulles International Airport, Virginia!
Dulles has the nicest exterior of any US airport, I've seen!

HOME ... a lil' glance, see how the kids are growing!

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  1. Ny you are always so entertaining. I laughed at your Hispanic husband finding your St.Lucian, Trini-Loving behind in a Jamaican fete.