Sweet 7 VIDEO on Packing Light

OMG, I did my first YouTube tutorial. ... And of all things, I did one on packing!  Don't laugh, anyway I still have to share my NYC trip with you! My video was too long for Youtube. I had to edit (which I am not too familiar with) to under 15 minutes ... but hey, it was all fun! Maybe you'll get some tips!

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  1. Nice tutorial!
    This is sooooo good because a lot of women overpack and its hard to figure out exactly how to get all the necessities into one small bag! LOL.
    Your editing wasn't so bad after all and the video was a nice length and informative.
    Glad you got right to the point. too Some videos take forever to "get going", lol.
    Thanks for sharing Nyree...
    Hope to see more from you soon!