St.Lucia Carnival 2012 ... XS Neo Video and Lots of Costume Pictures

So XS Neo will be a serious contender for RED and J4F during St.Lucia Carnival 2012. You must watch their 'XS Neo - The Legend' video. 

'Though I never quite understand the reasoning for all 'this presentation' which particularly occurs during band launches and when crossing stage on Carnival Monday and Tuesday. Presentations just slow down the entire carnival reveller momentum and wastes time. I often ask, "Is your presentation really going to affect judging? To me, if your costumes don't hit the mark, then you think a presentation will?"

Any how, this XS video was just a tad bit long when my only desire was to see the XS costumes which starts at the 9 minute mark. FINALLY, I got to see St.Lucian designer, Claude Desir's final product on display, after months of him sharing his ideas and costume production developments with me.  XS Neo costumes are lovely!  Such a pity that other local bands did not grab him sooner!  

I must say though I was quite impressed upon discovering that the XS Neo video was produced by a St.Lucian production company,  Untitled 51.  I kept asking, "do you guys make movies?"  ... it was just that good!  Another revelation, Untitled 51 produced the video for Shurwayne Winchester's  song 'Work It', that song was also produced by Courtney 'Curty' Louis, of Dutch Productions from St.Lucia.

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XS NEO Launch 2012
XS NEO 2012 Costume Photo Shoot

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