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Remember I gave you the story about not receiving my luggage during the Trial Knights band launch weekend in Toronto, last month? Here's a recap from that post: 

"BTW ... I never got my luggage over the weekend. I was pissed, especially since it came only 2 hours before I returned home to Virginia. Anyway I was shocked that stores close by 6pm on a Saturday afternoon in Canada. The biggest shocker .... I was able to get this white shirt in of all places, a supermarket! *Hands to my head* ... it saved me! Fortunately, I was able to do a one stop shop. I bought a few toiletries and other personals. ... And thankfully, I had my usual makeup bag with foundation, blush, eyeliner and a red lipstick. I usually have at least 3 lip colors on hand at any time. Stranger, my green clutch had jewelry too! LOL! Psshhh, I can laugh now ... again I was fuming, especially the day after the TRIBAL launch when the liquor wore off!"

What's totally amazing during a flight to NYC last Thursday, I pulled out the United Airlines Hemispheres Inflight Magazine and found the following article, "How Canadian grocery-store label Joe Fresh came to take a bite out of the Big Apple's fashion scene." Suddenly, the name rang a bell, cause I remembered my cousin who took me clothes shopping in a last ditch attempt to find something, mention Joe Fresh!
"THERE ARE CONCERNS you don’t necessarily anticipate when opening a fashion boutique in the middle of a supermarket. Racks and mannequins will take regular hits from shopping carts, for example, and the dressing room queue must move quickly so customers’ ice cream doesn’t melt. Also, browns and tans can look drab next to the fruits and vegetables, so you’d best design in bright colors.

These were the challenges that fashion mogul Joe Mimran, of Club Monaco fame, faced when Canadian supermarket chain Loblaws approached him in 2006 about designing a clothing line for its stores. Mimran tackled the job admirably: avoiding mannequins entirely for the first few years, commissioning cart-proof stainless steel fixtures and crafting inexpensive, edgy basics in fanciful hues. From such inconspicuous beginnings, the clothing line—named Joe Fresh and including items like color-block dresses and bright orange neoprene bell jackets, all priced under $160—became a strong driver of Loblaws’ revenues through the recession. In five years, Joe Fresh spread from 40 grocery stores to more than 300, opened 17 stand-alone shops and became the fourth largest clothing retailer in Canada."

Interested in the entire article ...

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How Canadian grocery-store label Joe Fresh came to take a bite out of the Big Apple's fashion scene

Not only was it coincidence that I found the article while en route to NYC but would you believe the store opposite my Upper West Side, one way side street hotel was Club Monaco?  Club Monaco was also started by the fashion mogul, Joe Mimran.  How peculiar! I had to take a picture of it!



  1. 3 lipstick colors? dang!

  2. Nyree I love Joe Fresh.......

  3. I picked up a few other things ... I am now a fan too!

  4. I read about this guy in a fashion mag last year. Joe Fresh seems to be doing well in NYC. I keep saying I'm going to check it out but haven't done so yet.

  5. OMG Gee ... don't waste time. Really cute, simple stuff.

  6. Its one of my favourite places to shop and so damn cheap!

  7. You'll be the first to know when I do