Nothing like the second half of the year.  ... And nothing like a TRIBE launch to signal its beginning and make my heart flutter. How apt ... *flutter*, thinking of the TRIBE 2013 theme 'Butterflies, Beasts and Bacchanal' (will come later)!

Over three or so years ago, revelers were trading 'sneakers' for 'boots' on the road. Nowadays boots are the polish to any carnival costume without having to necessarily sacrifice comfort. Within the last three years, 'Carnival Monday Wear' has emerged as a force, allowing revelers the opportunity to let their creative flag fly. Since Trinidad 2013 Carnival launch season in the air, I've been thinking Monday wear. 

Since I enjoy looking at 'things', 'Create-A-Monday' is created to inspire every Sweet 7 fan, even if you may not have the opportunity to enjoy Trinidad Carnival 2013, particularly Carnival Monday.

So if in TRIBE 2013, carnival Monday wear possibilities could include flowing fabric which can go with the wind. Think movement ... WINGS. LOL! I saved this picture and regret not knowing the designer. 'Cause which ever designer it was, it would be interesting to see more of his work!

... And TRIBE section ACARA ACRAEA BY ANYA AYOUNG CHEE, seen below (especially her design on the far right) has that flowing feel. 

See BEDAZZLED Monday inspiration ...

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