TRIBE 2013 Costume Video Montage

So by now, you must have seen TRIBE Carnival's 2013 launch of "Butterflies, Beasts and Bacchanal", if not maybe you've seen the pictures circulating today on the internet which I've been studying all morning long.  In addition to, my Lucian friend killed it as she hit the stage last night modeling for designer Solange Shaw-GoPaul's costume 'Jezebel' (seen below). *Hands to head ... head aches ... decisions*.  ... And so starts the season of excitement and thrills. ... And thoughts of immediate diet plans! LMAO.
Picture source: TCD

Continue here to see the TRIBE 2013 costume montage ... 

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  1. She looks amazing!! And those costumes.... words can't express. That is not an easy decision to make....