Esteban - Love On De Road

*Cringing* ... I have not forgotten about you. It's just that it's summer and I am busy with the kids.  ... And I have been travelling quite a bit too. I will do a pictures post since only yesterday I got around to sorting out the current 7500+ photos on my computer into FB albums. All while, organizing to head home to St.Lucia for carnival 2012. 

At this hour, I am working on a wedding veil for a St.Lucian friend who has given me free rein, to do as I please. While in my creative zone, with background music, the following soca played. I stopped what I was doing to see who it was, especially since soca is not usually part of my itunes library. 

So when I noted it was a St.Lucian artiste and produced song, I could not hesitate to do this post, especially since I have not taken the time to listen to any St.Lucian music for Carnival 2012. So here is the song which brings me to you at this hour.

BIG UP ... Esteban! 

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