My Vintage Weekend Finds

Nowadays, when I feel the need to vintage shop, I often tease that it's cause a particular piece is calling me. Read more about "My LOVE OF OLD - VINTAGE." I never vintage shop without having a particular item in mind.

So here are 3 items I've picked this Easter weekend. ... And for some reason the item which is drawing me to vintage shop currently is still yet to be found. I'm aware of this 'cause I want my fix, I want it cheap, and I want more now!

Tiger Print Shirtdress

LEVI'S Leather Belt

Silver Necklace

... And here are a few of my vintage pieces I've bought and worked into my life and wardrobe,

my tooled leather bag

my red sweater and my necklace

my necklace and my mom's old leather belt

and my gothic white pearl beaded headpiece fascinator

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