Ladies In Hats Tea Party (Pictures)

Yesterday's post was 'What I Miss'. I spoke of my childhood, what I remember of myself at seven years old, my grandmother(s) and afternoon tea! As life would have it, by afternoon, I noticed instagram pictures from Sharon Williams' first "Ladies In Hats" grand tea party event fundraiser to benefit the Upton Girls Center in Saint Lucia. My grandmother worked at Upton Girls Center for years before her death. 

I loved this picture of a young lady who came to support the worthy cause. She looked striking and elegant. 

Then I noticed, Mrs.Williams, Sharon's mom. Mrs. Williams was my Ava Maria Infant Girls' School, Stage 3 teacher. I was seven years old when I was in her class. Let me put 'time' into perspective for you, I was in her class in the mid eighties. At that age she was teaching me "If" by Rudyard Kipling  ... I still have my school notebook.

Not much has changed, I see. They just don't make women like her any more. Even then, her hair was always well coifed. She always wore lipstick. Always intrigued me with five inch high heels, climbing the concrete school steps. So happy to see her looking "OH SO FABULOUS!" at her age!

Source: Belle Portwé


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  1. Loved the story, well put, short and sweet..nice work