Nyree At Home in Virginia

"Home may be an abstract con­cept, but we have noticed that the feel­ing of step­ping through your own front door is entirely dif­fer­ent to every other door. The space is not just famil­iar, it seems that you can nav­i­gate your way in the dark. It is a back­drop or stage for enter­tain­ing, a retreat for con­tem­pla­tion and a per­sonal sanc­tu­ary designed to enrich your var­ied existence." - Version 5 Home by the Selby

This post was inspired by my recent discovery of 'The Selby is in your place', an endless source of interior design porn. Yet, I am reminded of Normal Room which shows interior design and home furniture from all around the globe. And needless to say I can't forget, MACO Magazine the Architectural Digest-like, quintessential guide to contemporary Caribbean chic; travel, homes, cuisine, and people. I have a striped black and white box filled with old issues of MACO and Island Life magazines. While all these mentioned have appealed to my voyeuristic instincts, it's also been good home training. LOL! 

After twelve years, today my family and I made a decision to purchase a new sofa. The current sofa, soon-to-be old sofa was picked when we got married. It was from Miami and since relocated with us to three homes, in two different states. It's been with us when kids were not even on the agenda. An unintended stop at the furniture store today was a picture of my son held in my hubby's arms but at his tender age, he remained totally clueless but the slight diversion initially made my daughter unhappy, especially since we were en route to Toys R Us to buy a gift for her friend's birthday party tomorrow. My hubby teased, "you are important in this decision, since this will be the same sofa your boyfriends will have to sit on." LOL!  My excitement was simple, "I just can't believe we're getting new furniture."

Thinking about it, that DARK BLUE SOFA proved that I lived by the principles taught to me by both my parents. My dad always used this simple point which has great depth, "Always take care of what you have. If you buy a glass, take care of it. Do not break it! Take care of it, so the next time, you can buy a jug. If you keeping breaking the glass, every time it has to be replaced!"

My mom's essence is "every thing can be used." And I mean everything, even the skeletal remains of a lizard which she was able to add to one of her collages. LOL!  Gross for some just thinking of a lizard's skeleton, I would have just tossed it in the garbage. Mom though made it an intricate part of her art. She also urged me to always clean up, for you may not know who may unexpectedly drop by and surprise you. ...And believe me, I went through a stage of hiding dirty dishes and an untidy bedroom, just because I was lazy. 

Of course, speaking of my mom, I must mention Aunty Avril whom I call my second mom. Those two women have shown me for over thirty years anything 'old' can be  revamped and remain useful. LOL! That Catholic Girl School education taught me too. Sister Claire taught the two most important rooms of any home to keep clean was the kitchen and bathroom, for they are the places in your home that people are most likely to visit, and walk away with an opinion. She pops into my head when I clean a toilet bowl or my stove. 

With maturity, I love my home. I treasure it. It's an outer reflection of who I am. It's a place of love, joy, color, pride and expression. A place celebrating cultures, travel, creativity, spirituality and past lives. It's the belief that I am instilling core values in my kids, as were taught to me. It's the unforeseeable place we're heading. Certain it will be a tale, long after I am gone.   


What do you love about your personal space or your home?

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