Carnival Makeup Ideas - Part 2

Rasta Girl Eyes Makeup Tutorial is perfect for all the bands in St.Lucia Carnival 
with red, green and yellow costumes.

Haifa Wehbe Arabic Makeup tutorial is arabic makeup inspired, 
uses reddish-brown and black makeup. Sexy, I love it!

Dotted Blush tutorial uses fishnet stockings to give a patterned blush look, 
for the more daring!

Yellow & Black Eyes Tutorial. Perfect for any costume color, 
just substitute the color yellow with your costume color. I see pink! 

Arabic pink purple makeup. Very interesting!

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  1. O shit NY!!!!! you putting real crazy things in my head with this one!!! fishnets, u know my crazy ass thinks that was HOTTTTTT.... I did something similar to the rasta last weekend but i guess it was more rainbow b/c it had more colors!!!.... I love all of these . thanks