KARMA Band Launch

The first Monday of September every year is a day most West Indians residing in and around New York City look forward to. On that day, Labor Day, a sea of thousands of spectators and masqueraders from all over the world fill the streets while costume bands parade along Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn showcasing their colorful costumes. 2009 will mark the 42nd year of the West Indian American Day Carnival tradition and marks the advent of KARMA Carnival Band on the carnival circuit.

KARMA Carnival Band is founded on the grounds of the “cause and effect” ideology of karma – giving good to those who deserve good thereby expecting a good outcome. Their belief is written in the motto – Changing de Mood of Mas. KARMA aims to provide a more intimate and personal carnival experience where quality is the product that they deliver to their reveler from start to finish and not quantity in numbers is most important. Essentially the “cause” is to ensure that revelers enjoyment, safety, service and getting their monies worth comes first, subsequently the resulting “effect” will be an enjoyable carnival experience unlike any other and one that hopefully revelers will keep coming back for year after year.

KARMA’s research has shown that revelers are looking for a mas band which could compare to the carnival memories of their respective homelands and of days gone by when the reveler was first priority and they felt like they were. It’s time to Change de Mood of Mas back to those good old days and we here at KARMA offer to do all in their power to be that change.

Founded by a team of avid carnival fanatics and enthusiasts, KARMA Carnival Band looks forward to jumping into the ring as a newcomer to the 2009 Labor Day Parade. The band is currently managed by a seven member executive committee consisting of unified, brilliant, imaginative and realist minds assisting in the development of this milestone.

KARMA begins its journey into the annals of carnival history by literally celebrating our arrival with a portrayal entitled CELEBRATIONS. Presented in 3 sections, this portrayal seeks to commemorate our life and the beauty of it all. The Labor Day 2009 band launching "Celebrations" is on Saturday June 20th.

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