Carnival Accessories for Sale

Below are the carnival accessories, I have for sale.  You can pick up your items at the same office in San Soucis (Castries, St.Lucia) on Thursday, July 16 & Friday, July 17 ONLY. This is the same pick up as last year.  CASH ONLY will be accepted for payment and you will then get your order. 


Email me  Please include your full name and telephone number. Tell me the items you would like to order and the quantities. I will then email you, confirming your order, information about the total cost in EC dollars and the name of the office, location for pickup. 

1. Silver or Gold Glitter – EC$3 per pack

2. Face Jewels Adhesive/Glue (0.25 oz bottle) - EC$10

*YOU NEED ADHESIVE TO STICK ON ON FACE JEWELS.  Last year, most of you bought eyelash glue to stick on face jewels.  This year, the more permanent glue is cheaper.  This adhesive will withstand sweat!

3. Gold Pouches 3”x4” - EC$5

4. Navel Self Adhesive Tattoos EC$20 each

Please indicate the item (B1, B2, B3 or B4) and amount you would like to buy:

5. Face Jewels EC$5 per pack (8 jewels per pack)

Last year, I had smaller jewels.  From my experience, they were a bit of a headache to apply, I decided to go a lil' bigger with the face jewels this year.  The size I have this year is in the picture below with a dime for reference of its actual size.  The picture does not do the jewels justice.  The face jewels are bright, shiny and colorful, this picture is really for you to see the size.  The actual size is 0.25 – 0.26 inches 

Please indicate Letter (A,B,C, or D) & Number (1,2,3,4 or 5)
Then tell me how many packs of that color you would like to receive
Example: C4 – 2 packs, B2 – 1 pack, etc

Email to order, 
before deadline on Monday, June 13, 2009!

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