Solange's Au Natural Look

Can't believe no one told me about Solange's bald hair cut!  This is exactly what happens when I have no access to the internet, I feel like I've been dead for a week. Thank goodness I caught this one in time, since my last post "Celebrity Style: The Partially Shaved Head," I wanted to bet that Solange would be next in line. ... And she is, by shaving it completely off.

Since I've cut my hair a few times, a few of my favorite hair products for both short and long hair which is natural and/or texturized hair, are mentioned in the post "Natural, Curly or Short Haired Girls."

... And the Best Days to either Cut Hair to Increase or Retard Growth during July 2009.

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  1. Yes, Solange has chopped off her hair! The look is growing on me.

    Rihanna pulled it off the best! I read that it wasn't her choice to shave her head. She recently did an editorial for Italian Vogue and they requested that she shave the sides for the photo shoot. I can't waitto see those pics!