A Reveler Speaks - Ellie

What are your thoughts on band's professional costume shots on their sites?
For me, professional shots are ALWAYS a plus, they show intricate details and offer close-ups that no amount of photographing at a launch can do! Secretly, I’ve always wanted bands to do a ‘on the road’ video clip, to see the way a costume moves on the road even a 360 view would work too…maybe I’m being too ambitious….lol.

Are any shots important to your decision in picking a costume (front, back, side, headpieces or leg pieces)?
It’s important to see ALL angles of a costume; most times masqueraders are overseas and trying to get correct colors for accessories, make-up ideas, and things of that nature.

Do you think the pictures accurately portray costumes?
As long as there’s no hick-up during production…..yes!

Do you have any suggestions for the professional pictures/shots of costumes?
Proper lighting!! I can’t count how many times friends have been disappointed about the color of costumes, and not seeing details because of poor lighting, or bad angles.

Does your band offer online registration?

As an overseas reveler is that a service you would like to see offered?
It’s a MUST if a band is trying to reach a wider and international audience!

What do you think about costume collection?
Boy…..With my strange luck, my costume always missing, pieces missing, rhinestones always off… So out of fairness, I really shouldn’t answer the question!! Lol!

Did you have any issues?
Yes!! When do I NOT have issues with costume collection? One year I ended up working behind the collection desk for a band in Miami while they looked for my costume for 3 hours!!

Do you have any suggestions or advice that can help with costume distribution?
I understand how it can get confusing with hundreds/thousands of people flocking to a place to pick up costumes, there’s bound to be a hick-up somewhere! But all precautions should be made to at least try to avoid problems! More man-power, longer hours, triple checking lists with costumes…

What did you think of on-the-road bar service?
If it wasn’t the occasional run after the truck – with my cup on the truck still – I would give it a gold star. But them drivers trying to catch up with the music truck was realllllll stresssss…..

Did your band deliver as promised?
Yes! They never run out of coconut water and JB till we reach last lap….

What suggestions do you have for bands, when it comes to bar service on the road?
Treat your revelers well!! If you say unlimited drinks, mean it….because next year, you just might lose them!! And don’t say premium when you giving people Popov instead of Grey Goose!!!

What suggestions do you have for bands, when it comes to restocking bars on the road?
Have designated stops synced with rest stops along the route!

What are your thoughts about on the road Security?
Security is ESSENTIAL to a band!!!! It’s not fair to pay nuff money for my costume, and have joe-shmoe from down the road come teef a wine, and teef drinks….not fair! Simple….keep masqueraders INSIDE and SAFE, and keep spectators, spectators!

Do you have any suggestions for/about security?
Keep all security uniformed (colored tees) and a rope helps!

What are your thoughts about music?
Any thoughts I had on music now have a new standard…..truck # 4 from TRIBE this year!!!!

Any suggestions about music/ music trucks?
DJ’s should play music for the PEOPLE!! Not themselves, they should know how to read the crowd, when to slow the pace of the music down, and when to get the people hype!!!

What must your band do to keep you as a loyal reveler?
Keep doing what they’re doing! Offer new incentives to loyal revelers and surprises on the road would be nice!


  1. What country is this masquerader from? How long has she played mas? What band/s does she usually play with?

  2. LOL!! Thanks for posting this! Even though it was sooooo late!!!