Celebrity Style: The Partially Shaved Head

Bad Boy records artist Cassie caused a stir on the internet when she released pictures of her half shaved head via Twitter. 
Then Carmen Electra got the ballsy cut!
Later La La Vazquez (former MTV VJ/NBA star Carmelo Anthony’s wife)
 joined the club.

Below are ladies that have been rockin’ the partial shaved head before Cassie.
Actress Selma Blair

Singer Kelis
Singer Jack Davey
Designer Melody Eshani

Rihanna is also on the half-shaved head trend with a new partly shaved look of her own. She clipped the sides and back of her head, leaving a thick pompadour on top. 

I like it!


  1. *chups* that style is simply ridiculous. i guess hollywood is like elementary/high school: this popular girl is wearing someting different, did her hair a certain way, everybody follows suit. im surprised kelis hasnt started that trend, that designer looks like a man w/ it, and as for rhi-rhi, nething to block/take away from dat forehead of yours.


  2. lol Nicky ur such a hater.. haha leave the ppl alone... i think it looks awesome..and im shaving my head this week... im so excited