Carnival Nationz Miami

Caribana is next month, and I'm still teased by the "In Full Bloom" costumes. ... And as carnival addicts get their summer carnival fixes, before the major fix, Trinidad Carnival 2010, Carnival Nationz sets the scene for Fall of the recently consolidated Broward & Miami Carnivals.

"Picture this ... it’s October, getting colder in Toronto as Thanksgiving long weekend fast approaches ... dreams of sun, sea and sand on everyone’s mind ... yuh feet doh stop ‘cause somewhere around the world ah carnival is about to explode on stage ... ahhhhhhh where better to be in early Fall than in MIAMI ... playing mas with North America’s #1 Carnival masquerade band ... CARNIVAL NATIONZ – MIAMI in the 2009 rebirth of “One Miami Carnival. .... the timing is perfect to launch CNz Miami” - Carnival Nationz

But hear this, what I like most as a reveler ... if you buy and play mas with CNz in Toronto for Caribana, then you are automatically entitled to use that costume at Miami Carnival in CNz Miami – for a nominal band fee. So buy one costume and play mas at two of North America’s premier festivals. Of course if you wine-up too much during Caribana and yuh mash up yuh costume, then you can always purchase a brand new one specifically for Miami. Or you can even buy a brand new costume in a completely different section to the one you played in Toronto. 

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  1. iLove this!!!!! c.n going international man! they'll will be giving mia carnival bands a run for their money. and i like the idea of reusing a costume :)lol