Oonu Culture: The Life, The People, The Flavor

Oonu Culture.com is your source for a taste of everything Caribbean; The Life, The People, The Flavor. 'Oonu' is Jamaican patois which means 'you'. This new site does cover all the islands of the Caribbean, and not just the usual island of Jamaica. Listen to new music riddims, see new videos, features on artists, (even new artists), album reviews and events, the most tantalizing Caribbean fetes from Miami to New York City!

Here are features on 2 St.Lucian Artists:
Miguel ‘Andros’ Aubertin lead-sings for a group in Maryland called Mama Jama, and entertains with a one-man show all over the Eastern Seaboard. He is also a composer, venturing into different genres of music in his creations. He spans the gamut of reggae, pop, R&B, soft rock, and Rap. Miguel has developed into an accomplished guitarist in a relatively short period of time. Visit Miguel ‘Andros’ Aubertin's MySpace page or Hi5 page too.

St Lucian singer/songwriter Cherry L is a new artist in the Caribbean music industry. Dominating the airwaves in early 2007 was his number hit single, 'Turn Me Loose', produced by Dupes, one of the hottest male versions to Beyonce's 'Irreplaceable'. Cherry L is now releasing a new single entitled “Friday” yet another sizzling hot single. Visit Cherry L's MySpace page too.

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