How To Apply Face Jewels, Rhinestones & Sequins

1. Clean the skin: Make sure the area is shaved of any hair this helps a lot.  Clean the skin with an alcohol swab or soapy cloth to remove any lotions or oils, then dry skin completely.  If applying to area of face or other sensitive areas please skip next step.  Rub area with rubbing alcohol to clean any dirt, let completely dry.

2. Apply a small drop of Acrylic Adhesive (Spirit Gum), Bindi or Eye Lash Glue: Just a bit of adhesive, too much and it drips and will squish all over the jewel, taking a very long time to dry to stick in place

3. Choose your Crystal, Jewel, Rhinestone or Sequin

4. Ready, Set:  
Use candles or tweezers to pick up the rhinestones! The wax candles are a bit tacky and will easily hold a rhinestone making accurate placement a breeze.

5. Go: Pick up the crystal with the colored jewel side touching the candle. This way, when you apply it will facing up.

6. Using your handy candle applicator or tweezer: Place the Crystal, Jewel, Rhinestone or Sequin in the desired location.

7. Apply the Crystal, Jewel, Rhinestone or Sequin: Gently touch to the glue and the rhinestone will stick on the glue.

8. Allow to dry for a few moments

9. Apply more Crystals, Jewels, Rhinestones and Sequins: 
Rhinestones applied with Acrylic Adhesive generally last between 1 to 3 days.

There are many ways to apply jewels:
You can use eyelash glue, bindi glue or acrylic adhesives (liquid latex or spirit gum). Spirit gum is very effective and cheaper.

1. Eyelash glue: Found in most drug stores that sell fake eyelashes in the cosmetics aisle. This is a light bond adhesive. Also, this glue is good to use if you don't sweat a lot.

2. Latex: Apply liquid Latex to area you want to apply the jewels to, in very small amounts. Now let it dry for a moment, but not to long, the latex will set quite quickly. The latex will then become more tacky and you wont have to hold them in place for very long to set them. Unless it is colored the latex will dry clear. Apply jewels. I use tweezers to do this it gives me more control and can be a cleaner prosess. Apply jewels one at a time allowing them to set for a minuite or two before going on to next one. The fun thing about latex is you can get it in several colors, this can effect the end result and the look of your work. One problem you can have especially on the face is sweating, this can make your work start to peel. The great thing is that with a bit of latex applied to the area around and below where it may be coming off will usually reattach the area that is comming up. Be sure the skin is clean and dry before you attempt this. Another great thing is your design will peel off in one piece... usually. Wash the area afterwards with soap and water, and dry. Keep in mind some colors may stain the skin such as red and yellow if you plan to use body paint along with the design. Do not paint the skin prior to atempting to apply the jewels, they wont stay there long. You can paint arount the area with jewels and this can look really neat.

3. Spirit gum: Apply a small amount of spirit gum to area and let sit for a moment. Use you fingers and tap the spirit gum lightly, you will see that it becomes tacky, and stringy this means it's ready. Now you can apply the jewels. Use tweezers to keep the spirit gum off your fingers, this can get very messy! The bad thing about spirit gum is that the jewels can fall off after time depending on how much movement and the area you apply them to. Sweating can effect this as well, same as above you can clean the area with spirit gum remover and reapply them.You will need to purchase spirit gum remover to remove the jewels, soap and water works but your skin will still be somewhat tacky if you don't use the remover. Same as above red and yellow paints can stain the skin. Rubbing alcohol can help with this problem but it can depend on skin type and oilyness as well. Don't paint skin first same as above they wont stick. Paint around the area for a great look.

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