B R A N D Y L I S . S O A P S

The name "B R A N D Y L I S . S O A P S " pronounced "bran-dee-lee" is derived from this entrepreneur's name, Lisa and her two beautiful boys Brandon and Dylan who are both autistic. One day while Lisa was wrapping some fresh soap, Dylan came by and began sniffing each bar of soap that was placed on the table. Moments later, she found him with a collection of soaps in his room sniffing each one in a state of calm never before seen. To her astonishment, Brandon began the same trend. They may be different on the autistic spectrum but the boys certainly have one thing in common; they love their mom's soaps.

B R A N D Y L I S . S O A P S are unique handmade soaps. You will find an array of handmade and hand crafted glycerin soaps and gift sets. This holiday season enjoy the Chocolate Collection of soaps. This collection is made with the actual hand rolled cocoa sticks from St. Lucia, and loaded with cocoa butter.

PLUS: This is an exotic and perfect gift from the Caribbean.

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