Pawasol Pour Ti Mamai (Children’s Umbrella Group)

Pawasol pour ti Mamai, or Children’s Umbrella Group, originally started as a new Millenium idea by Jane DuBoulay to bring all the childrens’ organisations in St. Lucia together in raising funds instead of each group trying on their own. Several meetings were held with these groups and, with an initial donation of $5,000.00 from Courts (St. Lucia) as seed money, plans to hold a major telethon were discussed. However, for various reasons, these efforts never came to fruition and the groups dispersed.

Not to be deterred, Mrs. DuBoulay approached several of her friends to continue with fund-raising ventures to assist needy children in St. Lucia. She enlisted a group of ladies known as “AWFUL” (Association of Walking Females usually Lunching) and monies were raised by selling at Flea Markets, Tombolas, lunch functions, Oscar nominated films-showing, Oscar parties, printing and selling of The Aweful cookbook and 8 Assorted Designs of St.Lucian Flower greeting cards.

Support Pawasol Pour Ti Mamai by purchasing The Aweful (Association of Walking Epicurean Females usually Lunching) Cookbook shown above. Here are a few St.Lucian recipes from the cookbook.

These 8 Assorted Designs of St.Lucian Flower Greeting Cards are also sold in aid of Pawasol Pour Ti Mamai.

Up to the beginning of 2007, in two years EC$52,650.00 had been raised and disbursed to children requiring heart, kidney and eye surgery, eyecare, special needs programmes, school fees, school books, school uniforms, school transportation, food, diapers and Child Development care. The children’s needs are made known to us not only directly by the people involved but also by various organizations, such as The St. Lucia Blind Welfare Association, Dunnottar School, the National Council for Persons with Disabilities, the Child Development and Guidance Centre, the Laborie Community Early Childhood Centre and many more.

In September 2007, Pawasol pour ti Mamai was registered as a Charity and is now seeking a broad base of supporting members who will be willing to answer the cries for help of the underprivileged and forgotten children of St. Lucia.

To join the charity Pawasol Pour Ti Mamai - all are welcome.

Membership Fee – EC$20.00
Membership Annual Subscription – EC$20.00

Fees and Form to be sent to the Treasurer:
Sue Allamby,
P. O. Box 653,
Castries, St.Lucia
West Indies

All proceeds in aid of PAWASOL POUR TI MAMAI. If you would like to assist in helping the underprivileged and forgotten children of St. Lucia:

Contact: Sue Allamby
P. O. Box 962, Castries, St. Lucia

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