St.Lucia Carnival Queen Show

St.Lucia Carnival Queen Show 

@ 6PM


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  1. I was disappointed in the show on many levels, for starters it was too long, I really don't think it necessary to host a 5hr queen show esp on a Sunday. I was sitting in the comfort of my home where I could go back & forth & I was exhausted & frustrated so I can well imagine the patrons sitting in those not as comfortable seats & not having the luxury to move about as they please. Isn't queen show traditionally held on a Friday night anyways, why'd they have to move calypso semi finals from last Sunday afternoon like it should've been to this past Friday night in the day & time slot that traditionally belongs to queen show?
    Then I had issue with the stage setup & lighting, way to simple for the nature of the show, queen show in my opinion is supposed to exude grace, class & elegance & there was none of that in the stage setup, then the lights would always be down so most of the time I was staring @ a dark screen.
    The emceeing left much to be desired as well, unprofessional ... rather unfitting of the nature of the show @ times, those crude jokes of Izi's don't cut it in a pageant setting in my opinion. @ 1 point I remember the female emcee had to try an reign him in between the interview segment cause he wanted to crack some kinda adult rated joke with an audience member. Common now not @ the queen show level of competition, save that for the tents.
    I honestly think skits on a whole should be banned for the next however many yrs as a talent to get the contestants & their teams to start thinking outside the box & further more I can't take the screeching & screaming that usually comes with those skits, geez enough already.
    Another thing to be banned are those craft project dresses & the hr long descriptions to them, 1 dress can't mean so much & have so much to say that the contestant is pacing the stage for a good 15mins in a dress that no one would ever be caught dead wearing anywhere, there's a costume segment for that type of "creative expression". The dress doesn't have to have a story behind it, give that up.
    Speaking of costumes, I'm not sure why this decision was taken but everyone wore nothing more than front-line pieces from the different bands, personally I expect a lil more from the costume segment of the show, it leaves something to look forward to but not when all I'm seeing is Red's import from Spice & Toxik's import from Pulse 8, have we no costume designers for queen show either?
    To add insult to injury we even knocking off Faye-Ann's Heavy T Bumpa dance routine, outfits & all, like we have no music of our own to dance to & no choreographers to put together a stellar routine. Also why were we subjected to listening to a rendition of Beyonce's Halo & foreign reggae? Not like I'd hear our stuff being done @ an American or Jamaican pageant so why're we doing their stuff @ ours?
    & I don't understand why it took the judges almost an hr to tabulate scores. What's there to discuss? Get out a calculator, throw out the highest & lowest score in each category, add up the rest & issue the results. That's a 5-10min procedure @ most.
    Then i've never seen a more ridiculous method of picking questions, a number of times the emcee was even confused what numbers were gone & which were left, doesn't take a rocket scientist to put numbers in a bowl & let the girls dip. Heck they could've used 1 of the bowls the judges had their candle in to see cause they kept turning off the lights on stage, to put the numbers in.
    Nerves aside, let's be honest @ least 5 or 6 out of the 8 responses could best be categorized as crap. The girls did not give a good account of themselves in that department albeit the questions were some of the worse that I've heard in any competition in forever.
    All in all a serious revamp is necessary before we can even put that show back on live stream for the world to see cause geez what a shame.