Sweet 7 Pictures: ECLIPZE Cooler Fete

After a Patron Cafe breakfast, I was giddy excited!  I just felt like I was finally in the tropics. I threw on a  pair of denim shorts and a bikini top. LOL! Early afternoon, I went limin (hangin' out) in Woodbrook with my hubby and my brother from a a white mother, Henrik.  We had lunch and picked up our j'ouvert packages.  So when I heard we were going to an afternoon fete, I was game for whatever!  When we arrived the party, at a quick glance through the front doors, I knew I was under-dressed. I was apologetic to the party promoter in the front but he was kind and told me don't worry, I'd fit right in. Shy at first, but soon enough, I felt quite comfy.  Maybe it was the tamarind balls, I started to eat from the dessert table. 

It was here, I met the most Sweet 7 fans ...  and we hugged and kissed. I was introduced to spouses and better halves, chatted, danced and of course took pictures. I was happy to meet fellow blogger, Nicole here too. Last time, she and I took pictures together was during Caribana. Of course, I was surprised to see two young ladies from my BBM group, Liz and Trine. Neither of us knew we'd end up there.  Even my favorite DJ, Bandit was there. Never saw him till he messaged me later, asking whether I'd had a ball. Now I look at the pictures, I caught a glance of him in the background. 

I had a blast at ECLIPZE. It's now come down to two factors as to what makes a good party for me. If I go to a fete and can afford to have my liquor spill, it's a good party, such was the case with RISE Cooler fete. The second factor, if I go to a fete and end up in a train, then that was a really good party too, such was the case with ECLIPZE.  See you next year, 'cause I'll be there!

... And it was a pleasure meeting you all!

The Sweet 7 Pics of ECLIPZE fete on TheSweet7.com Facebook fan page

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  1. This is my 2nd year going to that fete and it is one of the best for the season, in my opinion. Great vibes, nice people, lots to eat and drink...saw you damaging those tamarind balls girl...LOL! They were good though. Had a few myself :-)

    See what I told you...you looked great...you had nothing to worry about.